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Professional Home Pest Protection Plans For Greater Dallas, TX Homes

At Dynasty Pest Control, as a locally owned and operated pest control company, our passion is providing the homeowners in our community with the friendly customer service and quality pest control solutions that they deserve. Our registered and certified experts have developed a highly effective pest control process that not only eliminates Dallas' toughest pests, but also minimizes their chances of returning while keeping your family and pets safe. Serving the Dallas Metroplex since 2010, you can trust us to get rid of your pests!


Our Residential Pest Control Services

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One-Time Pest Control Treatments

Starting at $125, our one-time services include treatment for ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas/ticks*, and spiders and include a 30-day warranty.

Home Guard

Starting at $49.95 initial and $35 /month*,  our Home Guard Plan includes four treatments per year and provides coverage for 20+ common pests including ants (excludes fire ants and carpenter ants), cockroaches, occasional invaders, spiders, and stinging insects. This plan also includes the following services: a FREE initial inspection, exterior spider de-webbing* and wasp nest removal, free re-services, and an interior service guarantee. Our Home Guard Plan can be bundled with our rodent control plan for $149.95 initial and only $5 /month.

*Prices apply to properties 0-2,000 Sq. Ft; Increase Per 1,000 Sq. Ft: $5 /month

Home Guard Plus

Starting at $149.95 initial and $85 /month*, our Home Guard Plus Plan includes quarterly treatments and coverage for ants (includes fire ants), cockroaches, fleas/ticks, occasional invaders, stinging insects, spiders, and rodents. This plan includes all the benefits of our Home Guard Plan (FREE initial inspection, spider web/wasp nest removal, etc.) as well as interior/exterior rodent control at no extra cost, monthly mosquito control treatments from April-September, a fire ant warranty, and an interior flea warranty.

*Prices apply to properties 0-2,000 Sq. Ft; Increase Per 1,000 Sq. Ft: $5 /month. Increase Per ¼ Acre: $5 /month.

Home Guard Premium

Starting at $299.95 initial and $115 /month*, our Home Guard Premium Plan includes quarterly pest control treatments and coverage for ants (includes fire ants and carpenter ants), cockroaches, fleas/ticks, occasional invaders, stinging insects, spiders, rodents, and termites. In addition, this plan includes all the benefits of our Home Guard Plus Plan (FREE initial inspection, spider web/wasp nest removal, rodent control, monthly mosquito control treatments, fire ant warranty, interior flea warranty, etc.) and offers treatments for wood-destroying insects including Sentricon® with Always Active™ termite protection and a carpenter ant warranty as additional benefits.

*Prices apply to properties 0-2,000 Sq. Ft; Increase Per 1,000 Sq. Ft: $50 initial and $5 /month. Increase Per ¼ Acre: $5 /month.

Organic Treatment

Starting at $125, our Organic Treatment includes six treatments per year and coverage for ants (carpenter ants), bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas/ticks*, occasional invaders*, and spiders. In addition, our organic pest control plan includes: a FREE initial inspection, dusting of cracks and crevices and plumbing penetrations (hot water heaters, sinks, toilets, etc.), the installation of insect monitoring boards under furniture and around plumbing entry points, attic, crawlspace, wall corner, and ceiling inspections, liquid treating the foundation, eaves, tree trunks, patios/porches, and detach garages/sheds/playhouse with an organic pest control formula, exterior spider web and wasp nest removal, dusting of cracks and crevices, application of granulate insecticide bait in landscaped areas, and a rodent entry point inspection.

*Pest control treatment for fleas and ticks, German cockroaches, bed bugs, and carpenter ants is available at an additional charge. Please contact us for details!

Our Additional Pest Control Services

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Bed Bug Control

To get rid of bed bugs, we offer quality conventional bed bug treatments, performed on a room-by-room basis. During these treatments, we'll treat mattresses, box springs, furniture, outlets, and cracks and crevices. After 14 days, we'll return to re-treat the affected areas, if necessary. This service comes with a 30-day warranty.

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Fire Ant Control

Dealing with fire ants in your yard? Dynasty Pest can help! Included as part of our Home Guard Plus and Home Guard Premium Plans, our annual granule fire ant treatment provides the protection needed to protect your family and pets from these stinging ants and keep your home and property fire ant-free all year round!

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Mosquito Control

Are mosquitoes making it hard to enjoy your backyard? At Dynasty Pest Control, we offer both conventional mosquito treatments and mosquito misting systems to keep mosquitoes away during their entire active season. To learn more, please visit our mosquito control and mosquito misting system service pages!

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Rodent Control

Dealing with mice or rats in your home? Through the use of exterior rodent bait stations, snap traps, and the sealing of entry points, we can get rid of your rodent problem in no time! In addition, we offer sanitation and warrantied exclusion services to clean up the mess left behind and prevent future rodent infestations.

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Termite Control

To avoid the costly damages that termites can cause to your home, investing in termite control is essential. Offering top-of-the-line termite control treatments such as Termidor® and the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, we can meet all your termite control needs. To learn more, please visit our termite control page!

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Wildlife Control

Dealing with squirrels in your attic or raccoons getting into your trash? Dynasty is the company to call! During our exterior-only wildlife service, we'll set live traps around your yard, install one-way squirrel doors, and seal potential entry points. With this service, we'll return to re-check traps every 7 days or per your request.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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When it comes to treating your Dallas home for invading pests, we follow a tried-and-true pest control process proven to provide effective results and long-lasting pest protection, ensuring you get the quality pest protection that you need!

Step 1: Thorough Inspection

To begin our home pest control process, we begin by performing a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, one of our certified pest control specialists will inspect potential risk areas for pest threats and any active harborage areas or nesting sites will be identified and treated accordingly. Based on the results of this initial inspection, one of our experts will then create a customized pest protection plan to get your pest problem under control.

Step 2: Quality Treatments

At Dynasty Pest, our pest control treatments may include: the establishment of an anti-bug barrier around the home, baiting and trapping services, wall injections to flush pests out of wall voids, treatment of cracks and crevices, spot treatments, granulation treatments, web/nest removal services, precision treatments to establish barriers at entry points and migration paths, and entry point treatments.

Step 3: FREE Follow-Up Visits

To ensure that your home remains pest-free after our treatments have been completed, our team of highly-trained pest control technicians will return on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis, depending on which of our plans you choose, to rid your home of any surviving pests and halt the breeding cycles on your property. If you find yourself dealing with pest problems in between our regularly scheduled service visits, we will return to your property to re-treat at no additional cost to you, guaranteed!

Providing Effective Pest Control In The Dallas Metro For 15+ Years

When it comes to protecting your home from household-invading pests, we understand that you only want the best of the best. That's where we come in! With our effective pest control programs and team of certified, licensed, and highly-trained pest control experts, not only will we get rid of your existing pest problems, but we'll also help to prevent any future infestations from occurring. For quality pest protection that you can trust, look no further than Dynasty Pest! If you'd like to learn more about our residential pest control services or are interested in placing your home under the protection of our guaranteed home pest control plans in McKinney and the surrounding areas, contact Dynasty Pest Control today!

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