Why Professional Rodent Control Is A Must-Have In Midlothian

A rat on a counter.

Rodents are pests that can cause a lot of problems in a short amount of time when they invade your property. As winter approaches and these pests are looking for a place with shelter and warmth, they’re even more likely to try to enter your property than they are at other times of the year.

Don’t ignore a problem with rats and mice, hoping it will alleviate itself. These pests are not likely to just choose to leave on their own once they move into your home or business property. For rodent control in Midlothian that you can trust, reach out to Dynasty Pest. We take pride in our customer service, and we promise to give you the responsiveness and attention to detail that you deserve.

What Is Rodent Control?

So, what exactly do we mean when we promise to deliver successful rodent control for you? 

  • We inspect your Midlothian property, determining exactly what kinds of pests you have and how extensive the problem is.
  • We create a plan for treatment that fits in with your needs.
  • We then begin eliminating the rodents that are infesting your property.
  • We take the steps necessary to keep your family and pets safe during a residential property treatment or to keep your customers and employees safe at a commercial property.
  • We find the rodents’ nests and eliminate those, too.
  • We return to your property for additional treatments as needed until we eliminate these pests.

Ultimately, rodent control means we are able to figure out how to get rid of rodents for you, making use of our extensive knowledge to develop the perfect plan for you. We make sure we study and understand the latest techniques for controlling rodents, ensuring we are always working for the best possible outcome for you.

We are not satisfied with our results until you are.

Health Risks Of Rodent Invasions: Protecting Your Family And Pets

Rodents are such dangerous pests because they often carry pathogens, parasites, and bacteria, potentially exposing you and your family to dangerous illnesses. All types of rodents can carry these dangerous pathogens, so you should never ignore an infestation problem because you think mice aren’t as dangerous as rats, for example.

Rodents can contaminate your food, food preparation areas, and other areas of your home or business. They don’t have to bite you to make you sick.

Five Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips

After our Midlothian team at Dynasty Pest eliminates your rodent problem, learning how to keep rodents away is the next step. 

  • Plug gaps in your foundation.
  • Keep piles of leaves and firewood away from the building.
  • Reduce clutter inside and outside the building as much as possible.
  • Store all food in tight containers.
  • Keep trash cans and compost piles secured with tight lids.

For additional help with keeping rodents away, our team can schedule regular inspections for you, allowing us to catch a new infestation before it becomes established.

Professional Rodent Control: Why Expertise Matters

Rodents are some of the most challenging pests for novices to control using DIY techniques. They tend to avoid anything new in their environments, such as traps, making it difficult to catch all of them on your own. Once inside, rodents also are good at hiding in out-of-the-way places, making it tough for you to find their nests.

That’s where the rodent exterminators at Dynasty Pest are ready to help. Our team has been serving the Midlothian area for more than a decade. Our family-owned and operated company responds to the needs of our customers, focusing on their satisfaction. We strive to respond to every request within 24 hours, helping you receive immediate relief from your infestation of rodents or other pests.

For a free inspection, reach out to Dynasty Pest for professional rodent control today.