The Best Way To Keep The Raccoons In Dallas Out Of Your Yard

a group of raccoons outside

It’s difficult to enjoy your property peacefully when raccoons roam freely around your yard. It’s even harder to get a good night’s sleep when you hear the rowdy sounds of wildlife rummaging around your residence looking for food. It’s a good thing that Dynasty Pest Control delivers the most effective pest control in Dallas to remove raccoons and other wildlife quickly and safely. Read on to learn more about these crafty critters and how experienced pest specialists can help keep them away.

Raccoons Are More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Them

Some people may be terrified at the sight of a raccoon strolling by, especially if it’s hissing and growling while staring you down. While it’s normal to think it’s about to attack, it turns out that a raccoon’s bark is worse than its bite. The aggressive vocalization of raccoons is simply a scare tactic to ward off predators and other potential threats. Raccoons in Dallas will only defend themselves if they feel cornered or cannot escape a situation. But take their aggressive act seriously because raccoons can scratch and bite. These creatures can also carry diseases, so if you see one, let it run off and do not bother it. And more importantly, contact a reputable raccoon pest control company for assistance with properly removing and repelling these animals.

Why You Don’t Want Raccoons Hanging Around Your House

Some people may think raccoons are adorable, but don’t let their perceived cuteness lull you into a false sense of security. These creatures, often referred to as “little bandits” because of that all too familiar black robbers’ mask pattern on their faces, have more devious intentions. Raccoons can cause damage by tearing through vents, roofing, and soffits to gain entry into your attic or other areas of your house. These creatures can also ruin electrical wiring and contaminate spaces with urine and feces. Raccoon damage has cost homeowners thousands of dollars in restorations and repairs. Therefore, You should follow up on raccoon sightings with a call to professional raccoon pest control near you.

Simple Tips To Prevent Raccoon Activity Around Your Yard

Raccoons are creatures of habit. Every night, they emerge from the shadows to trespass onto your property in search of a midnight snack. If you see these animals regularly, your yard consists of elements that keep them coming back night after night. So, it’s an excellent time to look around your property and assess what changes you can make to prevent these wildlife visitors from coming around. Check out the simple raccoon control methods below:

  • Use a sonic device to create loud noises to scare them away.
  • Spray an ammonia and water blend in areas raccoons roam.
  • Fill in holes in your roof and attic.
  • Install motion-activated sprinklers to startle them with an unexpected blast of water.
  • Put up fencing to keep wildlife off your property.

Most people categorize raccoons as rodents; however, they are not. Even so, rodent-repelling trash bags infused with scents they despise still work well to ward raccoons off. Contact your local pest control company for more information regarding raccoon prevention and control or to set up a property inspection.

The Safest Way To Remove Raccoons from Your Property

If you’re searching for the most effective raccoon control in Dallas, Consider partnering with a professional pest management company specializing in pest control for raccoons. Wildlife specialists are trained to remove these critters from your property quickly and safely and are well-equipped with the right resources to handle these types of pests.

With over 35 years of combined experience in the past management field, Dynasty Pest Control has been the leader in keeping properties in the Dallas Metroplex free and clear of nuisance pests. We offer fair and honest pricing and back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection.