Dallas Resident's Comprehensive Guide To Brown Recluse Spiders

brown recluse spider crawling on a wall

Brown recluse spiders are some of the most venomous spiders in Texas. If you think they might have started to settle on your property, now is the time to learn how to identify them, understand why they are a dangerous pest, find out the safest way to get rid of them, and get educated on the different ways to keep brown recluse spiders away from your property. If you are struggling with a brown recluse infestation, Dynasty Pest Control provides pest control in Dallas you can rely on to rid your property of these dangerous spiders safely and effectively.

How To Identify Brown Recluse Spiders

Like all other spiders, the brown recluse has eight legs, two body parts, and neither wings nor antennae. In addition to that, you can recognize them by the following traits:

  • They have a violin-like pattern on their body. Brown recluse spiders have a shape resembling a violin on the cephalothorax, where the legs are attached. The neck of the violin points away from the head.
  • They are relatively small. Brown recluse spiders rarely reach an inch in size, while other brown spiders like the wolf spider can be a lot bigger.
  • They have fewer eyes than other spiders. Spiders often have eight eyes, but the brown recluse only has six.

If you have identified these characteristics on your invaders, you might be dealing with a brown recluse spider infestation.

The Dangers Of Brown Recluse Spiders On Your Property

Brown recluse spiders pose many dangers, but the biggest one is their painful and venomous bite. It is crucial that you do not try to exterminate them on your own, as you could develop life-threatening allergic reactions, fever, nausea and vomiting, convulsions, and more. In the event of a brown recluse spider bite, it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible. Because female brown recluse spiders lay several egg sacs in a year, each containing several dozen eggs, an untreated infestation can quickly get out of control. At Dynasty Pest Control, we can help you get rid of spiders in your home safely.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Brown Recluse Spiders

The best way to get rid of spiders like the brown recluse is to combine prevention methods with professional treatments. Because these are venomous spiders, it is best to let the pros handle an infestation. Contact us today to schedule your inspection and get a personalized quote. At Dynasty Pest Control, we proudly serve the Dallas area with the best brown recluse spider control treatments available. We are locally owned and operated, and offer several options including organic treatments, and bundles to treat more than one pest at the same time.

How To Keep Brown Recluse Spiders Away From Your Property

For treatments to be most effective, it is important to also use the following prevention methods:

  • Keep your home clean at all times. Spiders are attracted to food, which can include insects but also leftovers and spills.
  • Consider fitting your windows with fine-mesh screens. By sealing off entry points, you can prevent them from getting in.
  • Fix all leaks and cracks in your walls and foundation. Spiders are attracted to water and will use structural defects to get indoors.
  • Keep your yard free of debris where spiders might hide. Leaf piles, wood piles, compost, and more, provide shelter for spiders.
  • Schedule regular home inspections if brown recluse spiders are a common problem in your home. When you can’t figure out why spiders are getting in, the experts can help.

Preventing them from having access to food, water, and shelter, can help get rid of spiders naturally. Using brown recluse spider treatments when needed in addition gives you the best chances of keeping them away.

Brown recluse spiders are some of the most dangerous types of spiders in Dallas. Don't wait until the infestation grows out of control. With our 35 years of combined experience, Dynasty Pest Control can put your spider problem behind you for good.