What You Should Know About Wolf Spiders In Dallas

wolf spider on ground

Have you been noticing an increased spider population around your Dallas, TX, home? If so, this is most likely an indication of a larger pest problem at hand. Spiders are attracted to properties that provide ample sources of food, water, and shelter. When insect populations increase on your property, you are bound to see more spiders. 

In their natural outdoor environment, spiders are a beneficial form of pest management for your lawn and garden. They feed on a variety of insects, including those troublesome crop pests. 

Spiders may be beneficial in general, but that doesn’t mean you want to encounter them in the comfort of your home. Common house spiders are disconcerting enough, but the appearance of a wolf spider will almost certainly startle you enough to take action.

Wolf Spider Identification

Wolf spiders are usually dark brown with pale or sometimes yellow markings. They have a robust body with eight spiny legs and excellent eyesight. Females average between 3/8 - 1 3/8 inches in length, and males average between 1/4 - 3/4 inches in length.

Wolf spiders rest in sheltered places during the day and actively hunt at night. Unlike most spiders, the wolf spider hunts without webs. Instead, they create burrows that allow them to secretly stalk unsuspecting prey. Wolf spiders are fast and agile hunters and pursue their prey with great speed. 

If you’ve seen one of these arachnids scurrying across your floor, it’s time to consider residential pest control options for your Dallas home. 

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Many people have some form of arachnophobia, from mild to severe. For those who don’t, the appearance of a wolf spider may change your mind a little. Wolf spiders are big and hairy, and the sight of them can be downright alarming, especially indoors.

The good news is that there aren’t any real dangers associated with wolf spiders unless you are an insect or a smaller arachnid. They don’t pose any significant threats to people or their pets, and most of the pests that wolf spiders prey on are considered fairly harmless.

Why Do I Have Wolf Spiders In My Home?

Wolf spiders prefer to remain outdoors. They create their burrows under stones, landscape timbers, firewood, leaves, and other debris. Their presence in your home is usually accidental.

Wolf spiders generally invade structures in search of food. If their prey is wandering into your home, the wolf spider will follow its food source. Once they have made their way in, they often stay for good. 

Wolf spiders rest at or near floor level locations such as corners of rooms, along walls, or under furniture. This allows them to sneak up on insects and smaller arachnids that are walking or resting on the ground.

If you have seen a wolf spider indoors, keep an eye out for additional pests, such as crickets, ants, smaller spiders, grasshoppers, and other ground-dwelling pests. 

Wolf Spider And Pest Prey Control

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