Why Do I Have Bed Bugs In My Dallas Home?

bed bugs infesting a bed frame

As their name implies, bed bugs are a Dallas homeowner’s worst nightmare because these pests are always out trying to ruin your sleep. These bloodsucking vampires are notorious for leaving itchy bites on your arms and legs year-round, and no matter how many times you wash your sheets, they never seem to go away. Why is that? Why are they so persistent? Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs or worried about catching them, here’s how these pests end up in your Dallas property. 

Bed Bug Identification For Dallas Homeowners

Usually, Dallas residents don’t see their bed bugs – only the bug bites. Nonetheless, these pests aren’t invisible – just very small.

Bed bugs grow to about ⅕ of an inch and have a discernable reddish-brown color that grows darker after ingesting blood. They’re also identifiable by their small heads and larger, apple seed-shaped bodies, as well as their six legs and two short antennae. 

You will most likely see these pests at dusk or dawn, if at all. That said, most people never see the bed bugs in their furniture or actively biting their skin. The only evidence these pests leave behind of their presence is their bite marks, their excrement, and the occasional profusely red bloodstains. Now that you know how to identify bed bugs when they get in, how can you be vigilant and identify the ways they get in?

How Did Bed Bugs Get In My Home?

Bed bugs pests are known as hitchhikers because they move through clinging onto other animals and belongings. A bed bug could latch onto an article of clothing or a book bag or another belonging and stay there until you get home. From there, it crawls into your furniture and lies in wait for you to sleep. 

Bed bugs are usually picked up in densely populated, high-traffic “hotspots” such as airports, bus stops, universities, or even on the street. They can also be brought inside through used second-hand furniture, as these pests prefer any cushioned space to sleep. 

Once bed bugs get in the house, they’re near-impossible to remove. These pests can fit in the tiniest of spaces, effortlessly blend in with their surroundings, and only come out after dark, when you’re most likely unaware that they’re even around. Having bed bugs can cause lots of grief, which is why prevention is key!

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Since bed bugs are so hard to remove, you need to prevent them from getting in at all. You can prevent bed bugs with the following tips:

  • Vacuum often: bed bugs can often be found in the carpeting, so vacuum your floors before they latch onto your bed, and hand vacuum furniture.
  • Clean your floors: piles of clothes or junk are common hideouts for bed bugs, so be sure to keep your floors tidy – including in the attic or basement. 
  • Use a bed encasement: this prevents bed bugs from getting in your sheets and makes them easier to clean. 

Unfortunately, bed bugs are among the most common pests in Dallas. Fortunately, we're here to help. If you find yourself waking up with scratchy bumps every morning, contact Dallas best pest professionals at Dynasty Pest Control, and we’ll remove bed bugs for good.