A Helpful Guide To Rat Control For Dallas Property Owners

brown rats and norway rats

Every property owner in Dallas should know about the dangers of rats. If you don’t want to experience the damage and danger that comes from the presence of rats in your home or business, there are a few things you should know. Check out our guide to Dallas rat control and be ready to stop rats before they enter your property.

Rats In Dallas

Although there are more than 70 species of rats in Dallas, there are three types that most often affect local property owners. The first of these offenders is the Norway rat. Also called the brown rat, the Norway rat has brown fur on its back and a white belly. Compared to other local rodents, it has a short tail. As a ground-dwelling rat, the Norway rat usually stays on the basement or ground floor. 
On the other hand, the roof rat is often found on higher ground. The black or brown rat travels through trees and climbs onto roofs. It has a long tail and is usually seen in attics and upper levels. The Polynesian rat is also somewhat common and is identifiable by its size. Typically, Polynesian rats are smaller than Norway rats. 

The Danger Of Rats

Although rats might look friendly, they’re not domestic animals. The rats in pet stores might make good pets, but these local rodents are different from their domestic counterparts. With the ability to transmit diseases to humans, rats can make you or anyone on your property sick. Some of the diseases they spread are deadly, so you should take every necessary step to keep rats away from your property.
So, how do rats spread diseases? First, they pick up diseases in alleyways and other dirty places. When rats enter your property, they urinate and defecate on your floors, tables, and counters. You prepare food on those surfaces or touch them, and then the disease spreads. Rats also trigger asthma and allergies in certain individuals. If they have parasites, the rats can cause even more trouble for you.
There’s also the issue of damage. Rats have teeth that grow continuously and need to chew on things to grind them down. When you have rats in your home or business, they’ll chew through your wood, wiring, and insulation. 

Ways To Prevent Rats

You don’t need to leave your property vulnerable to rats and their trail of destruction. If you want to keep rats from invading, you can do all of the following:

Practice Proper Food And Trash Storage

How do you store your food and your trash? If you don’t secure everything with tight lids, you could be calling rats onto your property. For security, store food in thick plastic or glass containers. Only use garbage cans with lids, and avoid overfilling them.

Clean Your Crumbs

One of the best ways to prevent rats and other common pests is to clean up after meals. Wipe down your table and counters, and sweep up your floors. When you keep a clean home or business, you make food less available.

Maintain Your Yard

If you have a wild yard, you’re likely to see rats on your property. Mow your lawn frequently, and keep your shrubs trim and tidy. After you do yard work, clean up your debris piles.

Work With Us

The best way to keep rats away from your property is with the help of an expert. If you want to safely and effectively prevent and remove rats from your home or business, you can count on us. Contact the professionals at Dynasty Pest Control. Our experts are ready to take on your rat prevention and elimination.