Fleas 101: What Midlothian Residents Need To Know

flea in a carpet

Are you noticing that your pets are scratching more than usual? Are you finding new and itchy bug bites on your skin every day? If you answer yes to both of the questions, you likely have a flea infestation. Fleas are annoying and potentially dangerous pests that can be challenging to eliminate once they infest your house. 

Our professional flea exterminators at Dynasty Pest Control know how invasive and problematic these pests can be. Here is a look at how Midlothian residents can keep these pests out of their homes.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small external parasites that usually measure one to three millimeters long. They have tiny, dark-colored bodies that are able to hide in just about every tight crevice of your home, including in between the fibers of carpets and furniture. They cannot fly, but they have strong back legs that allow them to jump up to eight inches away, which is quite impressive when you consider how tiny their bodies are. 

Because they are so small, you might have difficulty spotting them in your home. However, our flea control specialists will usually remove flea droppings or flea dirt around your pet's bedding or near your furniture if you have an infestation. These tiny droppings look like ground black pepper and can also be challenging to spot at a glance, but if you have a severe infestation, you are likely to see flea dirt all around your home. 

Are Fleas Dangerous To People And Pets?

Fleas live on a blood-only diet. They will bite any animal or person in order to feed. However, they prefer to feed from animals that have long fur as they will live and lay eggs under their host´s fur coat. Because fleas are able to spend such a long amount of time feeding from animals, they are known to make some pets anemic. 

Their saliva is also known to contain several dangerous and harmful pathogens that can easily be transferred to you when they bite you. These pathogens can cause you to feel ill, and they can also cause allergy symptoms in some people. Fleas also carry internal parasites, like tapeworms. If you or your pet accidentally swallows one of these tiny fleas, you could become infected with tapeworms as well. 

The easiest and most effective way to ensure a flea infestation in Midlothian does not harm you is to team up with a professional flea extermination service.

Five Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Flea Bites

Receiving a flea bite can be dangerous for you and your pet. To minimize your chances of having fleas in your home, our local flea control experts recommend trying the following:

  1. Vacuum your carpet, furniture, and pet´s bedding regularly.
  2. Keep flea prevention medication on your pet all year long. 
  3. Check your pet's skin regularly for fleas.
  4. Keep your grass cut short and remove any debris from your yard. 
  5. Wash your bedding regularly. 

Having your home inspected and treated regularly by a flea removal service is another great way to keep fleas away from your home and property. 

Your Solution To Fleas In Midlothian

Fleas can invade your home when you least expect it. If you think that fleas have made their way into your home, give our professionals at Dynasty Pest Control a call today. Our flea removal experts can help keep these dangerous insects away from your Midlothian home.