Are You Struggling With Mosquito Control In Dallas?

mosquito on a blade of grass

Mosquitoes are a terrible blight around your home, and in Dallas, during the summer, they can drive you inside. If you want to find the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes, you should look into our Dallas pest control company. 

At Dynasty Pest Control, we have many different service options that can effectively solve your mosquito problem. With our mosquito misting system installed in your Dallas yard, it will be like a world without mosquitoes localized around your home. Protect your home and give us a call today!

Do Mosquitoes Contribute To The Ecosystem?

Mosquitoes do not contribute to the ecosystem in any way that has an impact. They mainly contribute by volume in the damage they can cause. Mosquitoes cause nearly one million deaths each year, and they reproduce in record numbers. The CDC has even said that tiny mosquitoes are one of the most deadly animals humans have ever faced. 

Yet, mosquito-borne illnesses are not the only potential problem homeowners have to deal with. Mosquito swarms can cause you to rush back inside or make your yard highly unpleasant. A good team and the right misting system could help you and your family get back to all your fun outdoor activities as if the mosquitoes weren’t even there!

Deter Mosquitoes From Around Your Property

If you understand just how dangerous and annoying these pests are, you might think to yourself, how do I keep them away? Well, you’re in luck because there are a few DIY steps you can take before calling in the big guns. These steps are as follows:

  • Eliminate any still or standing water around your home.
  • Use repellants in the form of sprays and candles.
  • Spray your home with strong essential oils such as lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus.
  • Burn sage and rosemary around your patio or entry points.

You can use these tips as ways to kill mosquitoes or combat your yard against their ever-growing numbers. In any case, if the mosquitoes are getting out of hand, it’s better if you save time and money by calling our team.

Mosquitoes Can Pass Along Dangerous Diseases

No matter what types of mosquitoes you encounter, all of them have the potential to infect you with some disease. You should be aware of what mosquitoes can inflict on you to understand the weight of how dangerous they are. Here a the most common diseases mosquitoes spread:

  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • Zika virus

There are other more rare variants that you could become infected with, but these are the more probable. Mosquitoes kill up to one million people each year, and there are hundreds of millions of people that become infected with malaria. You should seek medical attention if you begin feeling bad after being bitten by mosquitoes around your home.

Deterring The Mosquitoes In Dallas

You’ll find that the best way to control mosquitoes around your home is to give our team at Dynasty Pest Control a call. We are a trusted local pest control company with a highly qualified team ready to help you. We have been in business for over a decade, and our team has over 35 years of combined experience. So you can count on us to ensure your home will be pest-free. 

At Dynasty Pest Control, we go above and beyond, using 100 percent organic home pest control solutions. We aim to keep your family safe while also thinking of the environment. Our team at Dynasty Pest Control believes in fair, honest customer communication to ensure that you are getting just what you asked for with a satisfaction guarantee.