Are The Spiders I Find In My Dallas, TX Home Dangerous?

a black widow spider crawling on its web

Spiders create tacky webs that are so transparent, you can step into them by mistake. That’s just one reason why people hate them. Another rationale is that they have scary appearances, with their multiple eyes and pointy fangs filled with venom. Folks understandably live in fear of their bites, which may end in a hospital visit and a lot of pain. 

Not all spiders are dangerous, but some definitely are. Among the medically dangerous species in North America are black widows and brown recluses. Both are more than prevalent in Dallas. Take time to read about them and learn what all their hazards are. Also, you can get an idea of what Dynasty Pest Control can do to assist you with elimination. 

What Spiders Are Common in Dallas? What Are the Hazards?

The aforementioned black widows and brown recluses are dominant in the city. Black widows have a unique sheen on their skin. While they are usually 0.12 of an inch long, males can be 0.39 of an inch at maximum. Females are sometimes even bigger at 0.51 of an inch. You’ll know them by their decorated abdomens; they’ll have an hourglass shape on them that’s red. These arachnids love the outdoors because they’ll be provided with conducive high grass, wood, and organic matter. It’s not unheard of for them to violate dwellings though, particularly if there’s a low food supply or uncomfortable weather. They will nestle in spaces that are quiet and dim, such as a garage, basement, or closet. Avoid being bitten at all costs, because their venom contains neurotoxins. Black widows eat their fellow pests, so you may have a general problem.

If brown recluses aren’t tan, they are brown as their name reveals. Being 0.50 of an inch long, they are visually noticeable. They frequently are mislabeled for adjacent spiders, but the violin-like mark on their stomachs helps set them apart. Natural environments are ideal to them because they prefer to rest in debris and munch on other critters. When they invade domiciles and establishments, they opt for dark rooms with not much traffic. Keep your eyes peeled when you go into crawlspaces, attics, cellars, cabinets, and sheds. You might see them hurriedly running off on their long and fine legs. Regarding reproduction, brown recluses work with speed. Lesions, fever, and nausea accompany their bites.

Additional things to have in mind about these spiders are:

  • Medical attention is necessary for bites
  • They are most busy at night  
  • Infestations are confirmed with a single sighting
  • They gravitate to furniture, firewood, and floor corners

How Can Dallas Spiders Be Prevented?

Your cleaning practices will have to be constant and detailed to discourage spiders as a whole. Moreover, exterior care needs to be prioritized. Perform the following tasks: 

  • Patch up openings in doors, windows, and foundations.
  • Verify that sweeps and screens are intact.
  • Have leaks and moisture faults fixed immediately.
  • Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to regulate warmth.
  • Put food and garbage in secure containers.
  • Sweep webs as you spot them.
  • Vacuum, sweep, and dust regularly.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery frequently. Get rid of debris on the lawn.
  • Sit wood and plants two feet or more from the property.
  • Examine storage items and logs before pulling them inside.
  • Contact Dynasty Pest Control if you have pests that spiders consume.

What Can Dynasty Pest Control Do About Dallas Spiders?

Commercial products for spiders are disappointing. These expensive items won’t eradicate an infestation; they just kill individual bugs.  Further, they have the potential to be noxious. We at Dynasty Pest Control have safe, wide-reaching solutions. Our certified technicians will employ de-webbing, liquid, granulation, and perimeter treatments, and more. Call today for a free inspection!