The Best Way To Prepare For Peak Mosquito Season In Dallas

a black mosquito on skin

Are you ready? It happens every year about this time. Mosquitoes start becoming a serious problem, which can make them a serious threat. Those irritating little biters don't just leave puffy welts on your skin; they're able to make you very sick. Today, we're going to talk about what you can do to reduce mosquitoes and the threat they present to you and your family.

Understanding Mosquito Control

Are you aware that you can get control of mosquitoes in your yard and around your home? Do you understand why? It is mostly because mosquitoes are lazy. It's true. They aren't great fliers. And, since they aren't great at flying, they tend to do things that make mosquito control in your backyard effective at reducing mosquito activity to zero or near zero.

Resting — Mosquitoes spend most of their time resting. When they rest, they look for moist areas because they require moisture to survive. They also prefer locations that provide protection from the drying effects of the sun. This will lead them to hide in the vegetation of your landscaping. A pest control professional knows this and will make sure to apply mist products to areas mosquitoes are likely to rest. The products used are residual and continue to be effective at eliminating mosquitoes that come to rest in your yard between treatments. This gets rid of the mosquitoes that could have bitten you. If even one female is eliminated, it has the potential to eliminate the hundreds of mosquitoes she would have created in your yard.

Encroaching — Mosquitoes don't zip around all over the place. Some species of mosquito will not travel more than a few hundred feet in their entire lifetime. When you eliminate mosquitoes in your yard, it has an impact. You're not going to have mosquitoes flying through your neighborhood and biting you in your yard before they're exposed to the control product in your landscaping. Mosquitoes encroach upon your property. They'll come in, rest in your landscaping, lay eggs in potential breeding spots, and the mosquitoes that hatch are the mosquitoes that will do most of the biting. This is why your treatments will make a noticeable difference.

A Few Ways To Get Rid Of Lazy Mosquitoes

There are two ways you can have your yard misted for mosquitoes. You can invest in a mosquito-fogging service, which will provide appropriate treatments to targeted areas around your home between April and October when mosquitoes are most active, or you can have a mosquito misting system installed. Both of these treatments will give your yard the protection it needs to eliminate mosquitoes and help prevent breeding, by taking advantage of the fact that mosquitoes are lazy.

Mosquito Breeding

Misting isn't the only way to get control of mosquitoes in your yard. If you're able to break the chain of reproduction, you can keep those females from making hundreds and hundreds of mosquitoes around your home—mosquitoes that are likely to be too lazy to go somewhere else and bite someone else. We've found that the best way to address the problem of mosquito breeding is with In2Care Mosquito Traps. These traps take into consideration the behavior of female mosquitoes and use their natural patterns of behavior against them. If you'd like to learn how, we'd love to tell you about it. We provide installation of In2Care Mosquito Traps in Dallas. We also provide seasonal mosquito misting services, one-time treatments for special events, and installation of mosquito misting systems. Reach out to us to talk about what works best for your specific needs and budget. We're here to help.