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A Long-Term Solution To A Long-Term Problem: Mosquitoes!

While mosquitoes may give us a break during the colder months of the year, the fact is that, eventually, they always come back. The mosquito season lasts a long time here in Texas, so to fully enjoy the time spent in your yard you need to keep these pesky bugs under control, year after year. Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but they also transmit many dangerous diseases. Dynasty Pest Control understands the dangers associated with mosquitoes and wants to help you keep your yard as free from them as possible. We offer several effective mosquito control options for Greater Dallas, including In2Care units and fogging treatments, but our most requested service is our misting system.

Our Mosquito Misting Treatments

a mosquito biting the neck of a dallas texas homeowner

Dynasty Pest’s mosquito misting systems are an excellent long-term solution to your mosquito problems. Because they are an installed system, you have access to them year after year, allowing mosquito control whenever necessary.

We offer two options for our misting systems; a 55-gallon drum or a tankless option. Both require professional installation that takes between half a day and two days, depending on your yard. If you choose the drum model, our service technician will return to your property once a month to inspect and service the system to keep it running smoothly. Both misting systems are placed on a timer to ensure regular mosquito control treatments. However, both can also be remotely activated, allowing you to treat your yard before special events, or if you find an uptick in mosquito activity in between regularly scheduled visits.

Mosquito Misting System Warranty

Dynasty Pest Control’s mosquito misting systems come with a 24-month warranty that includes all parts for the units. After the 24 months, customers are responsible for the cost of any replacement parts, but we will install them for free. We also offer winterization services upon request. This service consists of properly shutting down the system for winter to keep it in excellent working condition.

Dallas, TX Mosquito Control Your Way!

With a mosquito misting system from Dynasty Pest Control, mosquito control is in your hands. These systems are effective at eliminating mosquitoes on your Dallas property – month after month, year after year! For a long-term solution to your mosquito problems, look no further than our mosquito misting systems. Schedule your service today!


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