What You Should Know About Treating Your Dallas Home For Termites

termites on the ground

You’ve invested a lot into your home, and not just in dollars. You don’t want to jeopardize your investment by letting termites eat their way through it. Termites can infest your Dallas home and cause severe damage in very little time. Dynasty Pest Control has experience getting rid of termites in the Dallas area. We have the expertise to help you along the way, from prevention to treatments and follow-up.

Is There Way To Prevent Termites In Dallas?

Preventing termites can be a difficult undertaking. However, there are some steps that you can take to help keep your Dallas home free from termites. Some of the preventive steps you can take are:

  • Continually check for signs of termites throughout the home, especially in areas with a lot of wood materials.
  • Seal all holes and seams with a wood filler product, paint, or stain to prevent entry.
  • Cover vents and access points with bug screens designed to keep even these small pests out.
  • Keep plants away from the base of your home.
  • Store any wood piles or yard waste far from the home and remove them often.
  • Be sure there are moisture controls, especially in areas such as a basement, to keep spaces in the home dry. Run dehumidifiers if necessary for damp spaces.
  • Work with Dynasty Pest Control to create a treatment plan to get ahead of any problem before it becomes irreversible. 

How Bad Is It To Have Termites In My Dallas Home?

Problems with termites seldom have to do with any effect they cause to the humans in your Dallas home. Termites do not bite nor sting humans, nor are they known to transmit disease to humans. However, these pests can still find other ways to hurt you. Termites’ main way of colonizing and seeking food, water, and shelter is to eat away at your home. Any wood portions of your Dallas house can be destroyed by termites. Once termites begin to eat away at the structural wood in your home, the safety and stability of the building are in danger.

Why Termite Control In Dallas Is Necessary

While there are termite control products sold in stores nationwide, a pest such as a termite is best left to the professionals. DIY solutions do not treat an entire infestation, and it can be nearly impossible to halt an infestation without professional help once it's underway. Here at Dynasty Pest Control, we know just how difficult termites can be to get rid of once and for all. Our experts can inspect your Dallas home inside and out to search for termites, discover where they are colonizing, and create a comprehensive treatment plan for your home. Once a plan is created, we will professionally treat your home and continue with routine follow-up care to ensure the safety of your Dallas home.

Who To Call About Termites On Your Dallas Property

If you even suspect that you may have any sign of termites in your Dallas home, you need to call Dynasty Pest Control immediately. Termites can work quickly to destroy your biggest investment: your Dallas home. While some stores will sell do-it-yourself methods of getting rid of termites, this is a pest is one you want to leave to the professionals. Termites are not just an annoyance but can cause expensive damages to your Dallas home.