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Quality Pest Control Services For Midlothian, Texas

Midlothian, TX is located in northwest Ellis County and is about 25 miles away from the modern metropolis of Dallas. Midlothian is also the central hub for the cement industry in North Texas, with three separate cement production facilities in our area. Many people are proud to call Midlothian home, although pest problems are still a significant issue for many residents and business owners alike. Some of the pests that commonly invade our properties include rodents, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and termites. The pest control experts at Dynasty Pest Control have been protecting Texas homes and businesses from common household and business-invading pests for over 15 years.

Home Pest Control In Midlothian, TX

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Protecting your home from pest damage and your family and pets safe from the many illnesses pests can introduce to your property is an essential step for homeowners. Our area of Texas is home to a variety of common pests, and neglecting home pest control can cause serious threats to both the structural integrity of your house and the health and wellbeing of your pets and family.

The best way to avoid the stress that comes with such common pest invaders as bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and termites is with an effective home pest control plan from Dynasty Pest. We provide several residential pest control programs, as well as pest-specific services such as bed bug control, fire ant treatments, rodent control and exclusion services, and wildlife trapping to ensure that we find an effective solution for your Midlothian, TX pest problems.

If a pest-free future for you, your family, and your home is what you are seeking, then investing in an effective residential pest control program from the pest control professionals here at Dynasty Pest Control is the perfect choice for you!

Commercial Pest Control In Midlothian, TX

The primary goal of any Midlothian, TX business owner is to provide excellent products or services and keep your customers satisfied. It only takes one pest sighting to open the floodgates to a whirlwind of negative reviews and bad publicity. This is why many business owners opt for professional commercial pest control services.

Professional pest control treatments can eliminate any existing pest problems that you're facing in your facility and prevent future infestations from occurring. At Dynasty Pest Control, we understand that you already have enough on your plate with running your business, which is why we take care of your pest problem—so you won’t have to. Commercial pest control will keep your Midlothian business free of pests year-round so that you can focus on the needs of your customers instead. Partner with Dynasty Pest Control for commercial pest control today to learn what having a pest-free business could mean for your company. To learn more, give us a call at Dynasty Pest today!

The 3 Most Common Rodents Found In Midlothian, TX

Rodents are notorious for invading homes and causing a wide range of problems. Mice and rats are known for gnawing on just about everything to wear down their constantly-growing front teeth. Unfortunately, this often results in damaged electrical wiring, piping systems, furniture, and structural beams. In some cases, rodent infestations have even been the cause of house fires from electrical shortages! Here in Midlothian, there are only three rodents that commonly invade homes and business buildings:

House mice
These small rodents are 5 to 7 inches long, including their long, thin tails. House mice are usually dark gray or grayish-brown, with lighter colored bellies and small beady eyes.

Norway rats
Norway rats and roof rats are often misidentified due to their similar size and appearance. However, Norway rats are a bit larger at 14 to 18 inches long and have a more rounded look. Norway rats also have rounded noses, small eyes, and little ears. These rodents have dark brown fur with black hairs speckled across their bodies.

Roof rats
Often mistaken for Norway rats, roof rats are 12 to 16 inches long from nose to tail with dark brown or black bodies. These rats have a slim, muscular build that makes them expert climbers. Roof rats also have pointed snouts, large ears, and large eyes, and long, scaly tails.

If you’re facing any rodent problems in your Midlothian, TX home or business this year, you can trust the pest control experts at Dynasty Pest Control to get rid of them. To learn more about how partnering with us for our residential and commercial rodent control solutions can benefit you and your home, give us a call today!

Guide To Protecting Your Property From Termites In Midlothian, TX

No Midlothian, TX property is 100% safe from the threat of termite damage. Our warmer-than-average temperatures and semi-humid weather allows termites to thrive in our homes and businesses year-round. When it comes to protecting your Midlothian property from termites, it’s always a good idea to identify the factors that could attract them in the first place. While termites feed on and live in wooden structures, they require more than just wood to survive. Most termites are attracted to damp, moist, and decaying wood, so properties that provide excess moisture are more likely to deal with termite infestations than properties without moisture problems.

To protect your Midlothian home or business from termite damage, implement a few of the following termite prevention tips around your property:

  • Remove dead or decaying wooden materials from your lawn, such as stumps, logs, or woodpiles.

  • Clear debris from your gutters and ensure they are diverting water away from your foundation.

  • Replace any wet or water-damaged wood with drywood, where possible.

  • Seal all potential entry points, such as gaps in your foundations and cracks around windows.

  • Install door sweeps on all doors that lead outside.

  • Reduce moisture by installing dehumidifiers, repairing leaks, and draining sources of standing water.

  • Cut back foliage and thick brush from your exterior walls.

For termite control and prevention services, you can trust, turn to the professionals at Dynasty Pest Control. Our termite control plans include a thorough inspection, identification of problem areas, and effective treatment. To ask about how our termite treatments work, or to request a free quote, reach out to us today!


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